Gummy smileTreatment 笑露牙龈治疗

Gummy Smile treatment –

Gummy Smile treatment (笑露牙龈治疗)


女性微笑时牙龈露出发生率比男性高2倍。一个有吸引力的微笑取决于牙齿,牙龈和嘴唇的平衡。在微笑牙龈线跟随着上唇的轮廓,牙龈应该暴露 2-3mm。假如露出过多,不同程度的影响了面部的整体美观。但值得高兴的是目前有了很容易的治疗方法。既在鼻的两侧用极其微小的针头注射少量的肉毒素。治疗只需要几分钟时间效果可以维持4-6个月或更长的时间。治疗安全简单,绝对没有恢复期。

Gnuuny smile unspoil even a beautiful face but it easily fixed by relaxing the muscles that exporse the teeth & gumms. Tinny injections a muscle relaxan at its side of nose deliver inpressive results that last 5-6 months or longer.

Involve absolutely no down time, treatment take a few minuts. Treatment is safe, sample.

Twice as many women as men suffer from a “gummy smile” or a high smile line. A smile considered “gummy” is one that shows an excess of gingival tissue (3 mm or more) on smiling. An attractive smile is dependent on balance of the teeth, gums, and lips: the gum line follows the upper lip’s contour and the upper lip should only expose up to 3 mm of gum tissue.

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