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Dermalife Cosmetic Clinics are part of Renaissance Cosmetic Clinics. The medical director of Renaissance Cosmetic Clinics, Dr Albert Ho, established his first cosmetic clinic in 1992.

Throughout the years, Dr Ho has been involved in the management and training of several cosmetic clinics including The Academy of Cosmetic Medicine and Surgery, Keturah Vein and Face Place, Perth Laser Clinic, Scientific SkinCare, Australian Clinic of Cosmetic Medicine and Surgery, Newageing and Dermatique. He later established Renaissance Cosmetic Clinics, which has become a national organisation over the past nine years. From smaller beginnings, Renaissance Cosmetic Clinics has grown to now incorporate a network of around 40 injectors in 35 locations across Australia. Around 80% of the services offered at Renaissance Cosmetic Clinics are cosmetic injectables, making this the focus and speciality of the company.

Doctors & Cosmetic Injectors

All of our cosmetic treatments are performed by a fully trained and qualified healthcare professional. We have a team of more than 20 cosmetic doctors and registered nurses all of whom undergo advanced training both in Australia and internationally. Our doctors are happy to answer any questions you may have in regards to any aspects of the procedures and product detals. please feel free to contact the doctors on info@dcosmeticclinics.com.au

Pharmacist: Lucy Sheehan

Lusi Sheehan is a registered pharmacist in Australia. She has worked with community pharmacies where she provide comprehensive advice and education on medications and conditions to improve health. She has worked with cosmetic and beauty therapists to provide services that enhance the well-being of our clients. If you have any questions related to pharmaceuticals, please feel free to contact her on: info@dcosmeticclinics.com.au

Cosmetic Injector: Lisa Yu

Lisa Yu is a Cosmetic Injector. She currently works at Dermalife Cosmetic Clinics in Collins Street, and works with Renaissance Cosmetic Clinics to deliver advanced and high quality cosmetic treatment services to her patients. For over two decades, she has trained in Australia in Ultrasound and Nursing. She has been working in a variety of health settings including Ultrasound in Obstetrics and Gynaecology as a Sonographer and a RN. Lisa has received extensive training in cosmetic procedures in Australia and regularly attends conferences and seminars to evaluate new products and deliver the most cutting edge treatment options for her clients. She has dedicated her work to understanding her clients-orientated cosmetic procedures. Her passion for ongoing education and training in this field has resulted in delivering the highest quality patient care and natural looking results. Lisa has a very caring and friendly nature and is known for her high attention to detail in her work, and her willingness to create a unique personalised treatment service adapted to the needs of every patient. If you have any questions related to cosmetic treatments with Lisa, please feel free to contact her on: lisayu@dcosmeticclinics.com.au


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